Hangover Cured by Angling Films

Owwwww, my head. Spent a lazy Sunday watching angling films online recovering from a 3am bender at my local, Lady Jays. Owner Sam Mason is a great host and if you’re a foodie you know him from his transcendent eatery Tailor in Soho (now closed) where he was also the chef. If you’re into music you may know him as the host of IFC’s Dinner with the Band. Thanks for the whisky and pickle back (that’s a pickle juice chaser and honestly its really good)!

So, because I really couldn’t do anything else today, I started watching the fly-fishing films to get a sense of casting technique, but soon I was drawn into the story and cinematography. These short and full-length documentaries could be classified as outdoor adventure films, not unlike Dick Proenneke’s masterpiece Alone in the Wilderness.

Quite a few of the angling films are extended trailers for films in production or DVDs. Fly-fishing journal The Drake, runs an annual film festival so I got caught up watching those too. Of the films, I am really looking forward to seeing– Low and Clear stands out. “Drift” and “Rise”, both by Confluence Films (I’ve ordered on DVD) tell stories of special guides and rivers from all over the world, bringing a good human story to the films.

You’ll see these films have a few things in common, beautiful landscapes and scenery, drama, great fishing action, and adventure.

Here are the best of the selection I viewed today. Surely there are more great angling films–and if you know of them, let me know, leave a comment with name and a link.


“Low & Clear”

“Eastern Rises


The intensity of the Tarpon fishing action in this, the closeness, just blew me away.


“No Passport Required”


“Redfish Can’t Jump”

“Once in a Blue Moon”

You’ll never look at a mouse the same way, I promise.


Short Films

“Alpine Bass”

“North Woods”

“Desert Bass on the Fly”

“The Heart of the Marsh”

This fantastic short was made in response to the BP Oil Spill about the resilience of the Lousiana marsh. I fished the gulf in September and it was amazing and clear, Cobia and Amberjack were healthy and delicious.

“Musky Country: Zero 2 Hero”

I’ve never gone Musky fishing, but its now officially on the bucket-list.

“Red Like Winter”

4 thoughts on “Hangover Cured by Angling Films

    1. Thanks Christopher, this is great video. I absolutely can not wait to start tying my own flies. I’ll be starting this winter. I’m such a newbie that I want to spend any spare time fly fishing instead of tying.

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