Angling between Continents

Last year in October, my wife and I went on our honeymoon to Turkey for two weeks. We had a blast–its hard to put into words how amazing a country Turkey is and how lovely its people are. We experienced thousands of years of culture and literally walked the bridge between Europe and Asia. And wouldn’t you know? There were fishermen on it.


"Istanbullus" fishing from Galatasaray Bridge in Istanbul


Istanbullus of all ages were fishing for smelt



The fresh caught smelt are sold to the dozen or so fish restaurants that line the lower platform of the Galata Bridge. They are fried-up and served in Balik Ekmek- a fish sandwich with salad and lemon juice. The bridge itself is relatively new, built in 1992 to replace an older iron structure. The next few pics I didn’t take myself, but I wanted you to see the kinds of fish being caught and how they were being served. Sadly, I’m not a big fan of smelt so I abstained…but I’m definitely going back to Istanbul in the future, so will man-up and go for it next time. Forgot to mention, the best thing about the bridge…you can RENT poles and buy bait right there!





2 thoughts on “Angling between Continents

  1. I used to go “smelting” with my grandfather as a kid. We used nets, not fishing poles, to catch small ones. I thought they were delicious but then again I’ll eat pretty much anything.

    1. When I was living in Chicago, I went out a couple of March nights for the legendary smelt runs on Lake Michigan. The guys had the fires lit and they’d fry-em up right there, just mere minutes after they were hauled out of the lake with small seining nets.

      Sadly, the smelt population on the Great Lakes seems to have crashed again. Apparently, the population goes through a period of boom and bust on the lakes quite often. Here’s a link to a 1944 Time magazine article on the bust: and here’s a recent article in the Chicago Sun Times:

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