The Boatman’s Manual

I’ve been thinking about getting a boat up on Kensico Reservoir, a Westchester County reservoir about an hour from my home in Brooklyn. Nothing fancy of course, as there are no motors (gas or electric) allowed, and the spots (tags) are hard to come by. You buy it, lock it up and leave it and bring your oars when you want to fish. Anyway, while I bide my time for a spot to come up and since its winter and the lake is frozen over til like March, I figure I’ll be ready. I picked up the Boatman’s Manual on my last trip to Vermont. About 90% of it is for the serious small “yachter” and although a Jon Boat is just a 12′ flat-bottom, the entire first chapter is dedicated to handling a boat under oars so I’ve gotten alot out of it already. I imagine any angler today could do with an easy to read and complete manual written with a practical point of view. Written by Carl Lane and published in 1942, the manual is concise, without narrative and well-illustrated.

Boatsman Manual with my Rogues Gallery Keychain

Blocks and Tackles

Nautical and Yacht Flags

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