Brooklyn Will Always Suprise Me

I’ve had the pleasure of eating at a few great Brooklyn eateries lately that I thought I would pass along.

RYE (williamsburg)

Chef Cal Elliot (of Dumont, Dressler fame) served up freshest oysters and a killer meatloaf sandwich which two could easily share. The 100 year old oak bar is a gem. It really feels like a 19th century NY saloon. No pretenses either.  A good place to take the visiting parents. The waiter was exceptionally patient while we tried various wines.

LA PIAZETTA (east williamsburg)

Don’t sleep on this Eye-talian joint on Graham Ave tucked under the BQE. Ignore the plastic plants, hideous wall art and occasional Mexican football match, the food is classic and perfect. The Bolognese is sinful and save room for Tiramisu.

DEAN STREET (prospect heights)

One of the partners Rob Gelardi literally traded in a six-figure mid-town job to follow his dream. Chef Nate Smith (Spotted Pig) served up delicious “toasts” –we actually had every app on the menu. My fav, the goose liver drizzled with honey. We had the roast chicken which was crisp, moist and hearty. Dean St. has only been open for a few days now, so support this new joint–though they may not need it–the place was PACKED on a Thursday at 9pm. Thanks Rob for “expeding” a table for us!

HENRY PUBLIC (cobble hill)

This “old timey” saloon is tiny, necessitating at 6:30pm arrival for a table, but damn did we hold it DOWN til like 930. The “Moonstone” oysters from Rhode Island were fresh and bright and a dozen just wasn’t enough. Moonstones come from Judith Point off Rhode Island…and when it comes to East Coast oysters, I’m always on the look-out for a nice briney sweet one.

But handsdown, the HIT was the Turkey Leg sandwich, dark meat on grilled texas toast, with a mound of crisp fries. The gravy soaked the bread perfectly… The atmosphere is lovely and I especially liked the decor which featured black and white prints from the 19th century–AND black folk! Imagine that, you never see black folk from that era featured in decor. good on you Henry P.

[via Flickr: cherrypatter]

On the way to Henry Public after a nice tipple (a Prospect Park Rye Sour) from the Clover Club, there was a light snowfall that sprang up from nowhere. On Atlantic Avenue there’s quite a few Halal restaurants, bookshops, teashops and even a butcher or two. I peeked into one butchershop and couldn’t quite believe my eyes. Hanging halal lamb. Brooklyn will always surpise you if you keep your eyes open.

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