I’m several thousand miles above the Earth as I compose this, on my way into Chicago. What’s currently possessing me to head into what Chicago is calling the “worst storm in 50 years?” …Moxie son, moxie!

Ok, its a work-thing. But lets pretend its moxie and that I couldn’t pass it up. I lived in Chicago for six years and frankly I don’t ever want to go back to standing on the L platform in 10-below horizontal snow with my eyelids freezing shut.

Meanwhile, my exploration of films on great brands, their history and manufacturing process continues…

All the rough weather we’ve been getting has me thinking about the nature of quality. This Film CRAFT is heavy on shoemakers because I’m very hard on my shoes and its time I start investing in quality shoes that will last or that I can get resoled year after year.  Perhaps I should have included Florsheim, a venerable Chicago brand, but they’ve outsourced for years now.

Speaking of Chicago…great things: Horween, deep-dish, Goose Island Brewery, Vienna Beef.

Redwing “It’s almost like you’re building a house…”

Duluth Pack “They become like a family member…”

Schott “It was about building function…they took a life on their own.”

Allen Edmonds “It’s really truly an art-form.” I just bought a pair of Black Calf Bayfields…I intend to swap out all my dress boots with Allen Edmonds over the course of the next year or so…

J. W. Hulme Company

Leatherman – I own two Leatherman’s, so that means I can probably repair a space shuttle if I had a manual.

Pendelton Woolen Mills “They had the desperation, or the ambition, or the guts to do what they had to do…”

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