So if you don’t know, I work in Brands. I’ve made countless advertising campaigns for brands across the world in every medium, TV, print, radio, digital. I’m currently using influencer marketing and social media (read PR) to develop strategies for Brands that will give them a competitive edge in the marketplace of ideas. I touch hearts and minds and occasionally wallets and pocketbooks, but along the way, I try to always remember that a brand is just a story. Its only a perception. The logos are meaningless unless we imbue them with meaning. The products are just squares of silicon or tufts of wool.

Its the stories and craft behind products and ideas that bring them to life. I think that’s why I enjoy the Film CRAFT series on my blog so much. I’m fascinated by the stories behind great things in the world, like a handmade bamboo fly rod or a righteous piece of ink.   There are plenty of stories told about Art and Politics. I think this series is more about people striving to live life to the fullest while building lasting things that fulfill a deep human need to create. Film CRAFT spotlights the passionate pursuits, people and the things they make. And because these little films tend to go unnoticed, hopefully my unearthing them shines a light on the filmmakers too.

Scribe Winery X Dockers “Its going to take a lifetime to understand this place fully.”

3sixteen X Invisible NYC “Our real business cards are the tatoos that we do…”

The Sartorialist X Intel “Its letting yourself fall in love a little bit every day.”

Mast Brothers “There is nobody you are going to fight harder with than your family, there is nobody you are going to fight harder for than your family.”

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