Some facts, random and/or personal.
1. I went to High School in Ocean City, NJ…a “dry” town, requiring us to go on midnight runs to Circle liquors in Somers Point across a 2 mile bridge. I often ran into Johnny Law…

2. NASCAR was born out of bootleggin’ bathtub gin and white lightning in souped-up muscle cars in Georgia, county to county, long after prohibition was lifted.

3. My great grandfather sometimes known as “Baby”, was a chauffeur to the Governor of Pennsylvania, and owner of a popular speakeasy in Chester, PA during prohibition (I believe at the same time).

4. New York City’s oldest whiskey distillery is a year old and brewing up Moonshine (unaged corn whiskey) and bourbon, Kings County Distillery.

5. My neighbors own two of the best bars in the ‘burg (Clems and the Richardson).

*sigh* Someday I will either a) own a bar (possibly illegally), b) distill booze, or c) bootleg.

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