The One-Eyed Man From Austin

Back from Austin where I attended SXSWi (the interactive portion of the festival). My second year and now I’m certain I will stay much longer next year. I saw my good buddy perform in an impromptu jam session on the harp at the Lustre Pearl (one of the best bars in the world by the way). My buddy’s father had just passed and he played his freakin heart out with one Eagle Eye Williamson.

Eagle Eye performs drum, guitar, and sings all at the same time and man is it beautiful. Eagle Eye lost his right eye as a kid but it sure hasn’t held him back. From his website: “Watching Williamson play can at first be distracting. An unassuming man sits behind a small drum-kit configured to his liking. In his lap a guitar, perfectly positioned. As he begins to play, his feet tap the drums that construct the rhythm of the songs. With his left hand, he works the fret board of his electric guitar as his right hand switches between striking the snare drum and cymbals. Each layer expands as Williamson begins to sing.”

You need to see it and hear it to believe it–so take a look and a listen below at two different recordings of “Black Gold.” The first was recorded at Greune Hall, the second at the Record Corner.


Eagle Eye used a Kickstarter pledge to finance his first album, “Black Gold” (available on iTunes). A documentary is currently being filmed about Eagle Eye by Tony Costello–a good and righteous dude.

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