Today, in Film CRAFT, I bring you a mini-film festival of sorts of the work of Colin M Day, artist and cinematographer, and his talented editors, audio mixers, and crew. Somewhat fresh out of art school, Colin’s recent work focuses on profiling artists putting up shows in the San Francisco area. Is it commissioned, commercial or art? I don’t think it matters. Day’s films are evocative, personal, intimate, and like short stories, have a beginning, a middle and an end that leaves you wanting more. And that’s the point–to watch the film, and seek out the artist’s work to develop your own connection with it.

Featured in this selection are the works of Kevin Cyr, Paul Chatem, ROA, and Ben Eine. Each artist talks about their art, but in Day’s films, there appears a meticulous editing to keep the perspective honest and authentic. Yet, each artists personalities shine through. The pacing is particularly strong, and really evident when attached to music selections which range from Johnny Cash to BassNectar. Though each film profiles a different artist for a different gallery, watching all of the films together begins to reveal Colin’s perspective and his craft–the soundscapes, slow pans, willingness to let the art stand on its own, rich colors and penchant for offbeat subjects. You get the impression he is not so much as “documenting” or advertising a show, but rather furiously nodding behind the camera in agreement–yeah, the world deserves a second look, the urban landscape IS beautiful, art is even more relevant than EVER…

I can only hope that NY gallerists and artists are taking note. I don’t know where Colin got the idea to make short films about artists for these galleries, but I hope it catches on. Being a former ad-man, and with friends in the art world, I know its nearly impossible to get the word out in the clutter–and social media doesn’t seem to have helped all that much. And telling stories about art–well its an art unto itself.

ROA “I’m always interested in the little scavengers and rodents and crazy animals that live with the people in cities, animals that are survivors.”

Ben Eine “It was important that what I painted on the street was not graffiti.”

Kevin Cyr “My work is kind of a response…somewhat pessimistic, somewhat optimistic.”

Paul Chatem “I figured I would just put it all out there…by the way I’m colorblind.”

And if you’re in San Francisco, check out the galleries supporting Day’s work: 941 Gallery, Shooting Gallery, and White Walls.

All rights belong to the artists, musicians and filmmakers presented (and maybe their agents!). Thanks to Wooster Collective for putting me on to Day.


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