Flea Find: Stendig

On a rather dreary Saturday, the wife and I decided to have lunch at the Brooklyn Flea in our neighborhood. She had the papusas (taste like a tamale to me. I went for the pork shoulder sandwich from Porchetta. Cause I was there just as they opened, I got a sandwich with the crispy porky cracklins mixed in. Oh yeah.

via NewYorkSeriousEats.com

While munching we came across this cool cognac-colored leather recliner by the furniture-maker Stendig (a Knoll competitor and contemporary). Stendig is perhaps famously known for their 1966 commission of Massimo Vignelli’s now iconic calendar, still in production today. Ludwig Mies Van der Rohe, Robert Haussman, and Marcel Breuer have also created work for Stendig (Charles Stendig was an American importer of chairs and furniture). Stendig was never a manufacturer, but imported mostly from Italy, and also from Findland, Denmark, Sweden and Switzerland. He’s been criticized as never designing, but his “curation” was pretty impeccable. Familiar with the iconic “Bubble” chair by Eero Aarnio (the hanging clear acrylic chair–Stendig’s pick).

Well, we were pretty stoked to pick-up the recliner (a very early birthday-present from my wife) at a great price. I’ve been wanting a leather club chair for ages, but this will do nicely. This Stendig was manufactured in Switzerland (don’t know the designer) and actually reclines based on this odd wood plank that flips up and is held in place by your own body weight, clever! My cat Ninja has already slept in it. Time to kick him out and grab a good book…

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