So I’m waiting for my new American made Filson Guide shirt to arrive in anticipation already of fall fly fishing in cooler weather. I threw in a shelter cloth cap while I was at it, then tooled over to the Filson page and lo and behold–Filson and Vans did a collabo! A sweet pair of kicks using the Filson rugged twill and signature chocolate bridal leather and a rucksack. I’ve never been a vans fan, but may have to consider them now… Damn, I’m always the last to know.

“We have second and third generation workers here…”

I’ve covered the Levis X Filson collabo before, I shared a trailer for the documentary about back country fire fighters sponsored by the both venerable outfitters that originally premiered on (Vice Magazine). Here is the full short doc from the Americana series: “The Oregon Fire Lines” and tells the story of the firefighters of the Grayback Forestry Company. Unfortunately, Vice sent along a wussy hipster as the host and they don’t really dig-in, just sort of stay on the surface level. Guess thats fashion. Its interesting that the fire company is composed of outdoorsmen who didn’t quite fit into indoor lives…enjoy.

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