Night Fishing

I’ve only been night fishing a couple of times, once when I was a teen and recently with a Gowanus Noodler on a small lake near the Beaverkill where we were learning to fly fish at the Wulff School. It was memorable for the complete sense of isolation and quiet. There was a mist over the lake and the only sound was of the water rushing over a small dam, and a steady drizzle. We didn’t catch anything, but I then we were unprepared a bit punch-drunk from a long day of class.

With a moon up and sober, its a different story, you can see a long way and experience the landscape differently. You can hear sounds more acutely. You can catch a “tailing” fish in the gleam of the moonlight if you’re lucky. And if you’re really lucky–you can take the biggest fish of your life, as Kieran, the Connecticut Yankee, did surfcasting a few nights ago. Read his post on his blog here.

The Connecticut Yankee, Night Fishing, Photo Credit: Aaron Swanson

I’ve been considering doing some night surfcasting or trout fishing with the said-same Gowanus Noodler who is quiet the striper fisherman by day, but I feel I’ve got some studying to do first. There’s a couple of books I’ll need to read. The late Jim Bashline’s tome, Night Fishing for Trout: The Final Frontier, is considered an essential read and can be applied broadly. Perhaps more famous and entertaining, is Night Tides, The Striper Fishing Legend of Billy the Greek, by Michael Cinquemani. Unfortunately, I’m on the tail end of the Striper run here in NY, though there are reports of stripers in Cape Cod now. Would I settle for a blue? Hell yeah, they are delicious when fresh-grilled.

Need further inspiration to wade out into the inky blackness to fish for a lunker? I came across this branded short documentary for Honda by ad agency Wieden & Kennedy in London.

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