Jordan’s after Long Beach

A mid-summer Sunday spent on Long Beach can only end in one way…with oysters! So the babe and I hit Jordan’s Lobster Bar. This veritable shrine to lobster, clams and crab is usually so crowded that you have to eat standing up or take it home, but if you’re lucky, their back porch overlooks the Reynolds Inlet where dolphins are known to break the surface and ask for a bite of your lobster roll….just a nibble, please?

Believe it or not, the first location was in Brooklyn over 50 years ago, but its popularity lead to the current Island Park location just outside Long Beach.


The speed and efficiency with which these guys cracked, cleaned and prepped the lobster was a show on its own. Look at the SIZE of that one in his hand.


My wife had the crab cakes which were moist and 99% crab–the rest was spice and salt, truly.

I’m fairly certain my soft shell crab was breaded in Oreganata crust, usually reserved for clams casino. Crunchy on the outside, moist and crabby on the inside…I’m a softshell fiend…and I love the green cheesy part in the head, consider it sauce.

Why yes, those are bluepoints, and that’s a cold Belfast Bay Lobster Ale.

Looking forward to going full-on with a clambake and lobster next time.

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