Can You Fish the Seine?

Why yes, apparently you can. It is 1700+ km of quite lovely river and some of it famously meanders through Paris.

*I know*, in the middle of the anxiety of a potential double-dip recession, you ask, how can this guy be planning a trip to France? Well, to Paris in October actually, and we are doing it on points baby! Points!

Naturally, we intend to hit Colette, the amazing flea markets, and the catacombs. But I had to ask my wife, nonchalantly, “do you suppose they let people fly-fish in the Seine?”

Really, not an unusual question. After all, during our trip to Istanbul I was surprised to learn you could rent a pole and fish the Galata Bridge in the heart of the city. So fly fishing in or near Paris, why not? Apparently, the Celtic pre-Roman Parisii tribe that originally settled the area did so to establish a FISHING village. Today, the major fishing tributaries upstream from Paris are the Aube and the Haute-Marne, which have trout and grayling…grayling! Below Paris the Oise flows into the Seine, and there are several interesting tributaries at its headwaters near the Belgian border.

Don’t believe me… excuse the french techno, but the pictures don’t lie.


The only problem is the season closes in mid-September for trout, but apparently there are still dry fly opportunities for grayling in rivers classified “2nd category” or coarse fish rivers. I can tell this is going to take some research as I don’t speak a lick of French…and some heavy reasoning with the missus, probably involving a trip to Louis Vuitton or something or other…


**UPDATE** I’m pretty sure I won’t make it to France before the season closes. Cest la vie.

6 thoughts on “Can You Fish the Seine?

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  2. BOSN Ray

    I’m headed there in June and won’t be able to venture too far out of the city. Do you know if there are any license requirements?

  3. BOSNRay

    After a bit of research, it appears fishing in Paris is becoming quite popular. Most are just soaking bait for Carp though. Don’t think I’ll fish this time around, instead, I’ll hit the fly shop and gather some intel.

  4. John

    Heading to France at end of July and will be bringing my fly rod. Did you find out if there are license requirements? any info on fly shops in Paris?

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