Pressure Rising, Time to Act

I read that Gov. Cuomo (NY) recently signed a bill to keep the striped bass fishery in the Hudson commercial-free for the next few years, an extension really of an existing law. Well, goody, but with the rate at which we keep dumping raw sewage into the Hudson, it won’t fricking matter if the Striped Bass can pass through unmolested because they’ll be poisoned anyway.

Yes, my back is up. My hackles are raised. I’m sick and tired of our ridiculous excuses for being such lousy stewards of our planet’s natural resources. I want serious change and I’m hatching a plan to get more involved. Meanwhile, the emotions I experience as a conservationist and angler swing like a pendulum. When I watch with admiration and excitement, the marvelous tarpon fishing in the Florida Keys, my pulse quickens, my blood pressure rises.


We’re lucky to have the Bonefish and Tarpon Trust doing everything they can to protect this incredible fish. Of course, the reason tarpon (affectionately known as ‘poon) can survive to great size and offer an amazing fly fishing experience, is the fact that it doesn’t suit America’s palate. However, tuna, is another story…and while the bluefin is on every hot restaurant menu, the fact that it is as endangered as the white rhino seems to evade us, and so I despair, and my blood pressure rises once again, but not in a good way.


The End of the Line is terrifying right? Mitsubishi among others, just doesn’t give a f*ck. With the big picture being so goddamned scary I’ve become a proponent of “chunking.” That is, breaking it down into small pictures and doable deeds. For my first deed, I’m going to start eating sustainably (I can afford it). And I’m done eating all big predator fishes, tuna, cod, etc. I won’t support a commercial fishery for them. I may even avoid rockfish, though that fishery has recovered somewhat. If you want to eat sustainable seafood in NY, consider David Burke’s Fishtail–his company runs its own fishing boat, allowing greater control over their ingredients. Fishtail is on Fish2Fork’s list with a blue rating (blue=good). Meanwhile, you can avoid AquaGrill, which serves endangered Altantic Cod and has a red rating (red=poor).

O.K, what else? I’m going to keep talking about this stuff. deadbait was started as place to practice writing, now I’m going to make it my platform to give voice to my beliefs. I’ve added a conservation category to my blog so I can actively write about these issues. I’m also going to try some freelance conservation writing. Three, I’m going to get more involved in protecting my homewaters. I’m a member of NY’s TU, but I plan on volunteering not just donating. There you have it, three simple things to lower my blood pressure and be part of the solution instead of the problem. Now, I’m ready for my first ‘poon!

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