Here Be…Speckled Trout

I’m heading to Choctawhatchee Bay, or if you prefer, Destin, Fl for five days of sun, sand and seafood. The area is reknown for its redfish and speckled trout, so if I’m lucky, I’ll get into some sort of piscatorial trouble in-between meals with the in-laws. In fact, I went up to Kensico today to practice casting with my new 8wt broke-in the 8wt GL-H2O  with L2A large arbor reel from the Fly Shop. It packs power, first cast, 60 feet. It was sensitive, stripping in a woolly bugger I felt a little tiny “bump” which produced the biggest perch of my life, he was easily 1.5 lbs.  Though I’ll admit I was hoping for a smallie to really test the rod. I should’ve went to Cross River, oh well.

So! Choctawhatchee Bay used to be known as Santa Rosa bay, was mapped by the Spanish originally in 1700 or so… The “resort” were staying at has both bayfront and beachfront, so there should be plenty of opportunity for a little of this…

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