Red Eye Wiggler, Jr.

Nice find at the Brooklyn Flea on Saturday…I saw two boxes of vintage Helin Tackle Co. flatfish casting lures. One had a flatfish and the other had a Red Eye Wiggler, Jr. I chose to buy the wiggler thinking it was made by Helin. Turned out to be something more interesting.

The Flatfish box, but something else inside...

Not a flatfish…

A nice surprise


The Red Eye Wiggler was made by Dr. Frederic Hofschneider, a Rochester, NY-based dentist, inventor, and holder of a number of “dental” related and lure patents.  Hofschneider patented the supposedly very effective “Red Eye” fishing lure in the early 1920s.

Dr. Hofschneider in 1913
Hofschenider practicing dentistry in Rochester, NY

The Red Eye Wiggler has eyes that to me, mimic the small mouth bass. The copper flash and those beady eyes ought to be DEADLY on Kensico this winter on the Lake Trout and Browns. I may be a fly fisherman mostly now, but I’m not above chucking a little steel once in a while, especially if it’ll land a world record Lake Trout as noted below…

via Montana Jim on Treasure Quest


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