Disaster Preparedness

As the weather cools down and the fall foliage sets in, its easy to forget that this year has had its fair share of natural disasters. Most recently, the NE was hit pretty hard by Hurricane Irene which swamped Vermont and upstate NY and caught alot of folks offguard. We were expected the coast to get hit, not inland.

Earlier this year saw the earthquake in Japan. Rough stuff and devastating loss of life. I recall the donation efforts that happened right afterward. The Hill-side’s effort was very notable–they made a product to sell for charity. In May they created the “Wa” hankerchief. “Wa” was the ancient word for “Japan.”

Now, Japanese brand, Muji, brings forth Emergency Kits as part of its “Whenever, Whatever” campaign. The kit is not yet available in the US.

Itsumo, Moshimo - Whenver, Whatever
via JapanTrends.com

I like the project, The Burning House, that asks, “what would you take with you if your house was burning?

This blog by Foster Huntington (also see Restless Transplant) has caught my imagination lately…I’m thinking of what I’d take myself.

  • the missus
  • Ninja (the cat)
  • wallet, phone, keys, charger
  • ipad
  • Jack Spade tote (good for dumping everything in)
  • picture of my Mom, and the missus’ parents
  • passport
  • weathered copy of “the Rolling Earth” by walt whitman
  • redwings
  • leatherman
  • barbour jacket

I know you’re probably wondering where my fly fishing stuff is…I keep it in the car.

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