Work by WRK design

I’m a junkie for old timey design. Post-industrial, turn-of-the century, whatever you want to call it, I just prefer life with a patina. Sure, its arguable that Roman and Williams pioneered the “gaslight” design look, but there’s room for interpretation. So when I heard WRK Design opened a showroom in Nolita, I had to stop by. WRK Design is responsible for the amazing Earnest Sewn‘s LES space and the Brooklyn Winery over in Williamsburg.

I swear there's ghost sitting at this desk.

Earnest Sewn LES via WRK Design

Here’s a bit more about designers and propmasters Jeremy Floto and Josh Farley over at NY Mag. For a different interpretation of this style manifest in commercial retail and restaurants, also check out the work of hOme, the Haslegrave brothers. hOme’s design for the Manhattan Inn and Goat Town are emblematic of the movement. The Scout blog ran a quality feature on the design brothers earlier this year.




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