Brodin Nets

So on my last trip to the Titicus River this year, where I landed my first 20-er, I lost my net. It’s a mile hike over some rough terrain to the outlet where the big’uns are and though I backtracked carefully, I couldn’t find my net. Thankfully, Trout Unlimited is having its 2011 Gear Liquidation and you can get some dope TU-branded goods for donation at or below retail. I took advantage of the liquidation to donate for a Brodin TU net, similar to the one below.

The Brodin Teardrop


Its 21″ long, net opening is 9″ wide and made of wood, with an embossed TU log. In the next year, Brodin Landing Nets is moving to use completely sustainable wood from Costa Rican plantations, teak in fact. The Brodin TU net has a traditional nylon net bag, which can be a bit of a pain if you get a fly stuck in the mesh. Eventually, I’ll upgrade to the ghost net. The good thing is you can reuse your original handle and just purchase the ghost net and install it yourself.


Brodin Ghost Net, photo by Clint Lozier

Oregon guide Greg Hatten has put together a nice little video of the Brodin in use on his own wooden boat guided drift tours. The music is a bit over the top, but it sure looks fun.


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