Association of Bourbon Samplers

Just about everyone I know is aware of my obsession with bourbon and whisky.  I write often about great brands. I love the stuff. In fact, on my birthday recently, I received no less than six different bottles, which we promptly sampled.

  • Makers Mark
  • Blantons Single Barrel
  • The Macallan 15 yr
  • Wasmunds Single Malt Whisky (from Virginia)
  • Hudson Baby Bourbon
  • Breukelen Distillery Whisky (virtually un-aged but soft as a baby’s ass)

I follow a couple of good whisky blogs too…and want to recommend my friend Drew’s blog, The Association of Bourbon Samplers. When Drew isn’t arranging PR events for a select clientele or defending besmirched reputations, he can be found researching great bourbons, cocktails and the art of the pour. Though I have yet to pick up my official pin, I consider himself a defacto member of his cadre.  He owes me a session at Char No. 4 in Cobble Hill too come to think of it.

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