AETHERStream in Nolita

Not sure what I was thinking hitting Soho and Nolita on a pre-holiday weekend, but me and the girl needed to do some window shopping. We hit the Barbour store, the new Frye store (dope), and noticed Aether Apparel had a sweet little pop-up. This is a brand edging its way into my closet, and now my blog, as they executed a camp-themed pop-up in a converted Airstream trailer with an attached Armbruster tent (America’s oldest tentmaker). With local brands like Best Made Co., and SIGG alongside first aid kits, pictures of the mountains and other survival gear, L.A.-based Aether jackets were lined up alongside a 1o’ wooden table and below a floating fireplace. Minimal, refined, modern, Aether has all the things I’m looking for in technical performance gear–just have to tell Santa. Located on Prince and Mulberry, the trailer is parked in a lot and open for business til the end of Dec. Checkout the Aether blog too, great adventure articles.

via High Snobiety

I loved the technical gear that Aether put out, but was taken by the Armbruster tent. It says alot about the brand that they chose an Armbruster tent to add to the pop-up. Illinois-based Armbruster has been making tents since 1875 and is still owned and operated by its founding family. During WWII they manufactured canvas tents for the US govt. Those tents are now available off the original drawings and equipment they used…original gromets, 14oz duck canvas, thread. Amazing.



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