Sometimes you seek it, sometimes it is thrust upon you. Either way, it is in stillness, quiet, aloneness that transformation takes place.  In nothing happening, undoubtedly, something is changing, slowly, imperceptibly.

I love stories about solitude, My Side of the Mountain, Alone in the Wilderness, Into the Wild… The city can be quiet unexplored wilderness too. Last year, I posted a film about urban spelunking, Undercity.  I know places in New York that feel abandoned, desolate, so lonely that you wish you could sit down and meditate among the broken bottles and dandelions pushing their way through the cracks.

I also love the films that make solitude almost into a character itself, like Jeremiah Johnson or Frantic.

So, here’s an exploration by a good friend and actor, Eric Stafford, in a trailer for an intriguing new series directed by Rubidium Wu. I’m looking forward to seeing where this goes…

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