Holiday Boozing

I can’t tell you who made it. I can’t tell you why. I can’t tell you where you can score some. All I can say is moonshining is alive and well in Brooklyn. A guest at the 6th annual Festivus party I throw about this time of year shared some of his homemade grappa. Honestly, after one sip, I felt like a mule had kicked me in the chest.

The raisins add just the right sweetness and flavor

Other lovely bottles included Canadian Club Whisky 6-year, Michters Single Barrel Rye and a new one for me, Spicebox Canadian Whisky. Spicebox was excellent on the rocks straight-up. Vanilla, cardamon and other spices, pepper too, come through after a couple of sips. Its sweet but not cloying like Drambuie. Its small batch so probably safe to say it’ll beat out any of the large flavored whisky concoctions hitting the market these days. We also had a mystery whisky. A friend of ours scored some whisky from her old office which had several major distilleries as clients, but she never determined what kind of whisky it was because she copped an unlabeled sample bottle. The boozehounds at the party figured it was a blended reserve, probably Canadian, at least 6, but probably closer to 10 years old since she hadn’t opened the bottle in at least four years!

If you’re in NY and looking for something interesting to do, check out the Warby Parker Holiday Spectacle Bazaar in Soho on Thursday Dec. 15th, and take the Foraged Cocktails workshop with Best Made Co. food blogger Laura Silverman. She’s planning on showing how you can add foraged items to enhance your holiday cocktail, including pine and black walnut! Look for the garage and yurts (yes yurts) at 45 Grand Street.

4 thoughts on “Holiday Boozing

  1. Grappa is some potent stuff.

    I made dandelion wine about six years ago or so. It’s basically just the yellow dandelion blossoms, orange juice, a ton of sugar, and yeast. It was sweet in a gross sort of way and make everyone very drunk, very sick, and very, very hungover. I’ve homebrewed some beer a few times and it went ok, but I’ll steer clear of dandelion wine from now on.

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