Charcuterie DC

Thanksgiving weekend was a whole lot of cooking, shooting and sausage-making with my bro in DC.

Turns out my bro had a little surprise for his wife when she got back from her business-trip last month, a full-size fridge converted into a dry-cure chamber in her den. My little brother has always had a meat-thing. I believe he announced he wanted to own and operate a ranch at age 8. Mind you, we were living in the middle of urban Cleveland at the time. Well, since he hasn’t achieved that (yet), he’s turned to charcuterie, and thank god, cause his chorizo is out of this world.

So far…guanciale, saucisson, chorizo, duck prosciutto, salumi…I believe he’s sending me a “special delivery” quite soon. I’m hoping we can take the butchering class together at Brooklyn Kitchen next month too.

As for me, I’ll stick to my easy-cider brewing. UPDATE** the apple hard cider came out perfectly after a second round of bottle fermentation (added a bit more sugar and charged for 2 extra days). The flavor is crisp and pale, like biting into an apple, just sweet enough and tart, a touch bready at first from the yeast, but it passes. It went well with a shot of bourbon, but easily stood up on its own. My peach cider is sweeter, but not cloying and pleasant…a better mixer I think.

my hard apple cider
lightly sweet hard peach cider