Barrel Aged Cocktails Coming

I love my pop. He has a knack for giving surprising gifts, sometimes spot-on, sometimes hilariously odd. He once got me a popcorn maker, one of those old-timey miniature red ones you’d see in a vintage cinema. This Christmas, he hit the nail on the head with a Barrel Aged Cocktail Kit, including bottle with oak stave and custom made 1 liter barrel from Tuthilltown Spirits. Call me trendy but damn that’s nice! Tuthilltown has been supplying quite a few NY-area bars with their oak barrels I hear, and I’m pretty certain the Aged Gin Breukelen Distilleries produces is done in T-town barrels.

Can’t wait to have him up from Richmond so he can sample my aged Manhattan. I’m also considering a single-malt aged-cocktail so if you have any ideas, drop me a line.


2 thoughts on “Barrel Aged Cocktails Coming

  1. Indeed sir, you’ll have to come over and sample some. I’m thinking, first snowfall, we light the firepit in the back, break open some whisky and tap the barrel.

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