Planning SW FL Trip

So I’m taking a little late March vacation with some friends to Naples, FL for an extended weekend. As you can imagine, I’m planning to fish every day and I’ve got quite a few options. Here’ my itinerary:

If the weather is fine, on Friday in the early, early AM, I plan to wade and sight-fish for snook in the Passes (the inlets of two national parks). The Delnor Wiggins Pass State park is conveniently right in Naples and is the pass on the north end of the island, a natural outlet for the Cocohatchee River.

On Saturday, the plan is to do a guided trip for Tarpon. By March, the Tarpon should be migrating through the 10K islands area and I’ll rely on my guide to lead us to them. I hear they can be seen in the thousands and are typically in the 80 – 100lb weight class. That being said, I’m almost willing to pass up the Tarpon for a world-class in-shore guided sight-fishing for trophy snook, from Capt. Jeff Legutki.

If Sat goes over well, I might extend ourselves to a second day of tarpon fishing on the fly Sunday. If we get our fill or the weather bottoms out or my wife needs “my presence”, then I’ll head to the other “Passes” in Naples, either Clam Pass or Gordon’s Pass for more wade fishing for jack, snook, or what have you. I may use a guide for this “inshore” fishing because frankly, I’m a bit weary of gators. Clam Pass is the most remote beach, requiring a mile long walk on foot (or trolley) through a mangrove forest to the beach. There’s a retired Mainer down in Naples who guides the Passes on foot I’m looking into.

Monday AM I’ll get another walk-and-stalk in at whatever Pass produced best over the weekend.

My last trip to FL was a complete bust due to a hurricane and while I did manage some light wading and great practice casting, I was stymied. I’ve got a special no-rain dance and prayer session planned for this trip to Naples. Animals will be sacrificed.

2 thoughts on “Planning SW FL Trip

    1. Brian–I’m not a TPFR member (i’m in NY) but my bro is in DC and also fly fishes. I want to give the Potomac a try sometime with him this Spring. Maybe I’ll hit you up then?

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