Cousteau Collection App

Growing-up, my older brother wanted to be a marine biologist, in part inspired by watching quite a few Jacque Cousteau documentaries. My bro became a doctor but I hope will get PADI certified still someday. For the dream deferred, I recommend the new Cousteau Collection app for the iPad/iPod.

The app is free, but has a bit of gamification to encourage you to buy stickers that unlock more content. Stickers can be traded and enable participation in “global jackpots” (contests?). The Cousteau Collection as an app is a brilliant way to access the Cousteau family’s research, films, and adventures. It also contains films made by divers in the Cousteau Divers community, a new non-profit in-beta that brings together divers around the world into participant-science projects. Divers receive some basic training and then can do simple missions where they record conditions in their local waters. The course materials are inexpensive–you can even buy a trademark Cousteau “red cap.” 65% of proceeds of the trading stickers goes to Cousteau Divers. The sticker game can also be played as a Facebook app. Its pretty simple–you collect stickers, trade, and then place them in your album. I could see this being the perfect project for a middle-school class or enthusiastic fan. I know I’ll be downloading some film and catching up with the original warrior for the seas.


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