Cabin Fever

I’m am experiencing some rather painful cabin fever at the moment. The cabins on my favorite tumblr, Cabin Porn, have got thinking…

via Cabin Porn

I haven’t fished in weeks and I’m going stir-crazy. I’ve begun to watch the thermometer like a crackhead. When the temp goes up just a few degrees, I break into a sweat and wonder if I should get out on the water. But then, the question is where?! Its an hour and a half drive to the only open tailwater, the East Branch, and the temps up there are typically 5 to 10 degrees cooler than the city, so it doesn’t do much good. Plus I hear the trout have lockjaw there.

The LI sound is also a ghost town with striper season being over and the blues out deep in warmer water. Lord knows I ain’t going herring fishing with a sebiki. I even thought about hitting a party boat for Cod off Block Island, but frankly, that kind of fishing just isn’t me. Of course, most guys are inside tying flies when they can, but I don’t tie, I might some day, but just don’t want to get sucked down that rabbit-hole right now.

I’ve been considering going south to visit family in VA and I hear the streams are in good condition with regular hatches still going on. Might have to schedule a road trip. Maybe I can turn this thing around? Does cabin fever really have to be a BAD THING? I recently found some very inspiring portable cabins, designed for living a small life with a tiny footprint, designed for exploration and portability. I might have to upgrade from the Prius.

Check out the tiny house on wheels designed by Outdoor Research, so several ski-bums could explore the back country out west, documented in the Side Country Sessions.

I also like this project by Andy Stewart who lives in his trailer with his dog. Stewart is a sailor and his trailer is homebase for many excursions, like his row/sail trip on the Maine Trail.

This project by Linekin Bay Woodworkers has received quite alot of attention, but may be new to you. They transformed a 1959 Chevrolet Short Bus into a motorhome. There’s a great blog post at N’East Style about the project. The master woodworker is the blogger’s boyfriend’s dad and she’s got a nice take on it–she’s also a fantastic designer so check her work out.

Well, so I’ve decided what I want for my 50th birthday. Since my wife is an architect, I want her and I to collaborate on the design and build of the perfect cabin or maybe a motorhome.


One thought on “Cabin Fever

  1. The little vintage bus makes a cute camper! If your wife is an architect, you should definitely get her to design ya’ll a cool cabin or motorhome. In the meantime, don’t give up the Prius just yet. They just came out with a camper to fit onto your Pruis. It’s one of those things you really have to see. I would love to know what your wife thinks about their design. And what you think too, of course!

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