deadbait Cabin Fever Contest

OK, so today I spent the entire day inside waiting for the cable guy and on conference calls. Cabin fever strikes again. So I have realized a couple of solutions to deal with being stuck inside and unable to fish. I’m definitely going to at least go hiking…there’s nothing stopping that and I have the right gear, even for the cold weather. I’m also going to start studying for the coming 2012 hunting season. I’ve signed up for my NY Hunter Safety and Bow Hunter courses next month in the Bronx. If you’re interested in such a course, go here, they’re free. Oddly enough, the classes I’m taking are being taught at the MLK Jr. Center for Chemical Dependence Outpatient Services. Weird right?

But here’s my BIG IDEA! Why not ask you, my reader? To that end I want to announce deadbait’s first reader poll. Here’s the deal–if you’re an angler or hunter or general outdoors-oriented person, share with me your BEST solution for fighting winter cabin fever right in the comments section of this blog post. I will publish the top 10 solutions (I will pick them) in a later blog post and the top 3 will win one of the prizes below.

  • Red Gold DVD of the hit conservation and angling film that documents the devastating effect mining could have on Bristol Bay, something I’ve written about in-depth before. Its still in the shrink wrap (I’ve seen the film before).

  • 3-pack of hand-tied Grey Wulff flies tied by the reknowned outfitter and fly-tier Bob Jacklin. I won a bunch of flies during a NYC TU raffle and want to share the love. You’ll get a #10, #12, and #14 grey wulff I SWEAR by the provenance of these. Jacklin’s Fly Shop in West Yellowstone, MT is well-known. Don’t worry I’ve got 7 more in each pattern for my OWN collection. I plan on mounting three and fishing the rest. Afterall, what is a fly that hasn’t been fished? Useless that’s what.
picture is not the actual fly, its much purdier

  • Rogue’s Gallery Anchor keychain by designer  Alex Carlton, founder of Rogue’s Gallery in Portland, Maine and also the designer of the L.L. Bean Signature line. These are pretty hard to find. I bought this for myself but then my girl got me a Makr keychain I prefer. If you figure it out, its also a handy bottle-opener.


There will be 3 prize winners. First prize winner gets first pick out of the following three prizes, second prize winner gets second pick. This is an informal “poll” so no monkey business. Deadline is Feb. 15th, midnight and I will only ship in the US. One submission please only. When you post, please “follow” this blog so I can contact you later. Yes, people might see your idea and try to top it–that’s the point, but if you’ve read my blog or my tumblr blog before you know a little about what makes me tick. I just want to know what YOU do break out of your cabin fever.


1) tell me your best solution to cabin fever and post it in the comments of this blog post

2) “follow” the blog so I can contact you if you win

3) and share this blog post



14 thoughts on “deadbait Cabin Fever Contest

  1. Melanie

    Get out in a snowstorm or fresh snow. It will energize and invigorate you. The whiteness and brightness of the snow will seem as bright as a sunny day.

  2. For a fisherman one of the best things to do is pull out all of your gear and start going through it. Repair what’s broken, throw out what can’t be fixed and start a list of needed replacements, reorganize the vest and tackle boxes putting everything back in its proper place. Tie or buy new flies to rebuild the stock, clean fly lines, check your leader inventory, I could go on…

    It’s also a good time to troll the internet for deals on the stuff you need to replace. If you wait until the day of your trip I guarantee you’ll end up paying 2x for it.

  3. If you are suffering from Cabin Fever, the best treatment is to just Get Out Of There. Go camping. If you live in an extremely cold part of the country, you can still rent a cabin or yurt or maybe you own a small camper or RV. Just getting away for the weekend will do wonders for you. A little change of scenery will refresh your spirit. And while you are camping, make your wish list for the coming season. What new gear is high on your priority list? Be on the lookout for some great deals, which usually occur in the winter. And, oh yeah… don’t forget to catch up on some of your favorite outdoor blogs–wink, wink!

  4. When cabin fever hits me I must get outside at all costs. Sitting at the tying bench or watching or reading about hunting, fishing doesn’t’ cut it. Anything to get you outside works for me. Sometimes I will grab my camera and force myself to go out and take pictures, even if just in the backyard. If there is snow, I might do some tracking or shed hunting even. Even just getting outside and playing with the dog seems to make things better. Lots of time I use the winter to check out new places to hunt, fish or hike, basically anything outside that forces me to concentrate on something outside works.

  5. Mushroom foraging… If I had the opportunity, that’s what I’d learn how to do. I suppose it requires some guidance, but I would love to know what to eat and what not to eat, and enjoy the search for those devil’s circles where the harvest is good. Hiking has never been for me… I can’t say that hunting is because I haven’t tried it, though I want to; but foraging might be a lot of fun. A hike with a clear goal and with hidden treasure at every turn.

    1. Mmm, nice one Martin. I imagine with your culinary skills, you could really do something amazing with foraged mushrooms. The only thing is that in the winter season, the foraging would probably be limited. Check out Hunt Gather Cook by Hank Shaw or his blog, Hope your family is happy, and healthy my friend.

  6. I’ve started planning a July fly fishing trip to Montana and taken up fly tying, or at least I’m trying to take up fly tying! It’s not going too bad though if I may say so myself, and I believe I will get better. The main thing is that it’s given me a fishing focus to get me through some wintertime blues and keep me sane till my return to the water.

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