Winners of deadbait Cabin Fever Contest

I’m pleased to announce the winners of the deadbait Cabin Fever Contest. You’ll recall I asked for your help getting over my cabin fever. Fortunately, your advice has helped me breakout of my funk and get outside. I decided to explore some Connecticut water and was rewarded with bringing some very large brown trout to hand on the Mianus River in the middle of February. On the first trip, a lean 18″ brown, and last week, a 12″ and another 14″er. Plus I made some new friends on the water.

But enough about me! Here are the winners of my little contest.

1st Place: Jim from Passin Thru Outdoors

“Sometimes I will grab my camera and force myself to go out and take pictures, even if just in the backyard. If there is snow, I might do some tracking or shed hunting even.”

2nd Place: Tiffany from A Little Campy: The Campy Mom’s Guide to Family Camping

“Go camping. If you live in an extremely cold part of the country, you can still rent a cabin or yurt or maybe you own a small camper or RV. Just getting away for the weekend will do wonders for you.”

3rd Place: Chase from Feather & Scale

“I pull out the whiskey and learn new things to cook.”

Per the rules of the contest, Jim gets first pick, Tiffany second and then Chase will receive the last item. Thank you all for supporting deadbait. I’ll be reaching out to the winners individually.




2 thoughts on “Winners of deadbait Cabin Fever Contest

  1. WooHoo! Thanks, Joel. I’ll take the achor keychain. I’m with Jim. We’ve had some nice weather around here so far. Beautiful day today. Time to shut down this computer and head outdoors!

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