Fly Mag Hotness

There’s a new(ish) crop of fly fishing magazines out there. They are digital, publish on time (yes Drake I’m looking at you), have exquisite art direction, and often feature high definition video and photography. The new breed are rooted in a strong editorial vision, refreshingly untamed by advertisers, but in balance with them. Paid for junketts to Andros are at least well-covered and documented. Advertorial is unconventional. Now, do they make much money at it? No, but I have hopes they will MONETIZE without loosing their spirit. I’m all for paying for a digital subscription.

THIS IS FLY is an online fly fishing magazine published in Brooklyn of all places. A recent article connects punk music and fly fishing connect in the Chicago punk band Pegboy.  Gone are the trophy shots of big bronze browns, every issue features cover art design from an hot new talent in graphic design.


SOUTHERN CULTURE ON THE FLY is described as fly fishing with a side of grits and published out of Asheville, NC (a sleeper trout mecca actually). With articles and videos with titles like “Trout from the Other Side of the Tracks”, SCOF will take you out of your comfort zone.



Catch Magazine has a little more of a throw-back vibe with its very fishy photography, but is hardly stuffy. Every issue features up and coming photographers. In fact, the magazine is driven by beautiful imagery that frankly, pops in high-definition in a way that a print magazine couldn’t do just too–at least not without being prohibitively expensive. A recent series focuses on the colors of fly fishing, for example. No print magazine could afford to dabble in images about the colors of fly fishing.


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