RIP Jose Wejebe and Many Thanks

I got a text from a friend a couple days ago and learned of the untimely death of legendary angler, fly fisherman, guide, conservationist and television host, Jose Wejebe. According to reports, his single-engine aircraft went down after taking off from Everglades City on Friday. I can’t believe it. I was just in Everglades City last weekend fly fishing with a friend when my guide told me that Jose Wejebe was taping a show that week with Jeff Legutki the next day. He said if we went to the docks on Sunday morning we’d surely meet him. Unfortunately, we couldn’t.



The Florida and greater angling community must be heart-broken. Jose shared so much love for his fellow anglers, conservation and his family on his show Spanish Fly, that I felt like I was always sitting at his feet learning. I will never forget his remarkable, epic expedition to the Seychelles, for example. Or his palling around with the Holeman brothers in LA and the Keys, especially with “Bear.” I even used some of his tips during my very first trip to the Glades last week, which was in part inspired by his show. Even my wife enjoyed watching Spanish Fly with me. He had so much to give…I’m thankful for his spirit, even though I didn’t even know him. My thoughts and heartfelt prayers go out to the Wejebe family, and the Florida guide community.


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