Billy Reid X Alabama Seafood

I love collabos that unite great brands and worthy causes. Billy Reid has just launched a partnership with the Alabama Gulf Seafood Commission and produced a line of quality gear to support AGS. This is one part of an excellent new marketing campaign by the AGS with exquisite typography, design and copy. Now I don’t mean to snicker at the millions BP has given to the gulf seafood and hospitality industry in the wake of the oil spill, but I much prefer these kinds of public-private relationships. They are more authentic, and meaningful when they come from native sons like Alabama-born Reid. I wish we could see more activity like this from the great brands that call the Gulf home.

Now if you’re in the big apple this weekend, DO come to the Big Apple BBQ on Madison Square and get u some. “On June 9-10, Alabama’s newly-crowned James Beard Award winner Chef Chris Hastings of Birmingham’s Hot and Hot Fish Club will be on hand to show more than 140,000 folks that there are endless possibilities for fresh seafood, and one taste is all that it’ll take to put our product on the map. On both days, Hastings will be demonstrating preparation techniques for a pair of Alabama favorites: Baked Alabama Oysters with jalapeño and lime, and BBQ Grilled Alabama Head On Shrimp with Hot and Hot Spice Rub, lemon zest and butter.”

I’ll be there Sunday with my bib on and wet wipes stuffed in my shorts.

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