Causes I Can Get Behind

Fish On! The first is a documentary film being made by Boise-area fly fisher and filmmaker Travis Swartz. Swartz wants to film A Reel Recovery Retreat, three men who will come together as Cancer survivors and anglers, to celebrate life, support each other and recover their mind, body and soul on quiet waters. Swartz’s kickstarter campaign was inspired by his friendship with fellow angler Reese Ferguson and his own ongoing quest to understand why fly fishing can soothe men’s souls. The filmmaker himself suffers from anxiety and professes his time on the water helps him deal with what is a daily issue.

My own mother passed away from Cancer and I myself worry sometimes about the disease attacking me or my family members. Its good to know that for the men who suffer and survive and beat Cancer, that there is a program out there that will help them recover. Be Well and Fish On! You can learn more and support the campaign here or also on the Facebook page for the film. And I encourage you to support A Reel Recovery too.



A little lighter in tone is Trout Unlimited’s Spring/Summer membership drive. I’m seriously considering becoming a life-time member this year. In the meantime, even if you’re not ready to become a member, you can help support TU by participating in the Odell Unbottled Facebook drive by Boulder, Co-based brewery. Upload a photo or video about how you get “unbottled” and Odell will donate a $1 to the charity of your choice–TU is one of them! A great way to share your fishing pics for a great cause. And when you’re in Colorado, be sure to try Odell’s craft brews. Hmm, seeing how I’m stuck in Brooklyn this summer, maybe they’ll send me a case or let me know where I can get sum!



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