Capitol Times

Life is full of change, that’s what makes it so damn good and so damn hard. Its not often though that people get to choose the change they get. After several years living in New York City, I’m up and moving to Washington, DC to be closer to my family. I’ll also be working for a kick-ass ad agency that focuses on “positive change.” Now, DC can’t match Brooklyn for old-timey saloons, but its coming along nicely with plenty to offer and a more balanced cost of living I hear. I won’t miss the pace of life, high rents, tolls, and taxes, but I will miss the culture and of course, the proximity to the Catskills and Croton Watershed. I’ll also miss my fishing buddies and other good friends. I did a lot here, learned a lot here, but the future beckons like a spawning blue crab.

I’m looking forward to getting to know the Chesapeake watershed, I suppose I’ll be doing a lot more saltwater fly fishing. I suspect I’ll be after more bronzebacks, gar, shad and striper. AND I’ll also have access to some pretty great waters in VA, MD, even southern PA for trout. The area has 3 Orvis stores and several independent outfitters. I really want to catch a trophy snakehead on a fly.

Here’s DC angler Rob Snowhite with a snakehead he caught steps from the Washington Monument.

Here are the rivers I plan on getting to know. If any deadbait readers call these their homewaters or think I’ve missed one, please leave a comment and we’ll go fishing together this fall!

The “big 5”

  • Gunpowder
  • Patuxent
  • Savage River
  • North Branch of the Potomac
  • Casselman

Lower PA

  • The Yellow Breeches (very famous, can’t wait)
  • Letort Run
  • Big Spring
  • Clarks Creek

Virginia and Shenandoah

  • Moormans Run (TU area requires special permit)
  • Jackson River (having serious angler’s rights issues)
  • Upper James
  • Mossy Creek
  • Beaver Creek

8 thoughts on “Capitol Times

  1. Sorry to see you leaving BK. Not enough anglers here already, hate to loose one. I’ll miss reading about your time on the local NY waters. Hope to see you on the croton before you leave town. If the croton can get some water flowing faster than 12 cfs.

  2. Jeff

    You’ll soon be addicted to those bronzebacks on the upper branch. It’s a quick hop from the city. I’m starting to run out of excuses for why I have to leave the office early.

  3. ChrisM

    Take care and best of luck down there! Sorry we never got to fish together, looking forward to reading about your experiences on new water.

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