Night Trout

I’ve read the late Jim Bashline’s book Night Fishing for Trout and staying later and later to apply his tactics. So far this season I’ve encountered more eager trout than ever after dark. I just can’t believe guys aren’t staying later on the Croton Watershed, because the lots and pullouts are empty just after dusk. We all know there are big fish in the rivers but OK, the occasional bear has been spotted in Putnam county… Still Bashline is right when he says that vast majority of the toughest characters are afraid of the dark. Me, I ain’t scurred! Not when these are the rewards…

I got him swinging a white bugger in a hole on the East Branch of the Croton that I’d seen a true pig of a rainbow emerge from a few weeks ago.
He took on a #14 parachute cahill in an eddy…I just heard the SLURP!
One of my largest browns on the East Branch of the Croton took a black beadhead bugger swung through a deep chute. At first I thought I was snagged! Great fight on my 5wt.


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