Mindful Eating

Twice this season I have taken home trout for the table. The first time it was early in the season, and I knew some of the larger holdover trout would be out and hungry. I took two on the dry fly, kept them in the water until I was ready to go, and dispatched of them with the ice-shock method. They were fileted and grilled. They were served simply and tasted delicious. In that case, it was my own small ritual to take and prepare something from the land, eating as a way of saying thanks and honoring the trout. In the second instance I caught a large brown trout in the evening and it took too long to play him and I was fairly certain he would not survive, so I dispatched of him with the same method, and served the trout up with fresh herbs and vegetables.

Though its not possible to eat sustainably in this way, its possible to enjoy and feel the connection with the food when you yourself are witnessing death, cleaning and gutting the fish, experiencing how the living fish transforms to food. It becomes a responsibility to pay attention to the act of eating.

I’ve written about Torvar Cerulli before and in truth owe my readers a long-awaited review of his book, The Mindful Carnivore. But Torvar has dropped a second video to announce that book is now available as an e-book–congrats Torvar!

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