TU On the Rise

OK, technically I was half-stepping and I was putting off renewing my TU membership for month after month. Finally after a few letters, they threw in the towel and offered me both Season 1 and 2 of TU’s seminal fly fishing and conservation series, On the Rise, if I renewed. Not bad. I recalled that I might have seen an episode or two on the Outdoor Channel late one night, but the show didn’t quite grab me. However, as I sat at home packing for the move to DC, day after day, I finally unwrapped the DVD and glanced at the back…hmmm, that’s a lot of episodes, and that’s a lot of rivers too. I figured, well, I didn’t have to pay close attention, just throw on the DVDs in the background, zone in and out, keep packing.

Whoa was I wrong. I quickly became mesmerized as Frank Smethhurst (the guru from Scott Fly Rods, Boulder Boatworks, Running Down the Man (think Roosterfish + Baja) and the uber-cool DRIFT and EASTERN RISES) crossed state after state to fish storied waters and learn about TU’s efforts to protect them. I couldn’t take my eyes or ears off the fishing, the river, including Frank’s quest for a cutthroat slam, redemption on the Henry’s Fork, and even lesser known rivers like the Holston or Cleveland’s freshwater steelhead. The series was incredible, and now I find out On the Rise is up to its fourth season. Nice! oh wait, its on the Sportsman Channel now…which I don’t get in DC. Crap! That’s TWICE I’ve been foiled..first it was Rinella’s MEAT EATER, now its On the Rise.

I can’t find any high-quality clips featuring Frank from seasons 1 and 2, but here’s a good one with Frank on the Animas River and TU’s Headwaters Project, just ignore the crappy graphics upfront.

Here’s a clip from season 3 with the latest host, Montana outfitter, Jed Fiebelkorn. You can order seasons 1 and 2 from TU and do your soul and nature some good right here.

**UPDATE**I doublechecked and I do indeed have the Sportsman Channel here in DC. Quite psyched.


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