3 X Ben Gulliver

I am about to waste your Monday. After you watch these 3 films by Vancouver-based Ben Gulliver for Canadian surf/skate brand Sitka, you’re gonna wonder why the deck under your bed is dusty, the flyrod in the closet hasn’t seen a stream in months, and the board hanging above your sofa hasn’t been waxed in a dog’s age. Once this is over, you’re gonna want to pack the car and head north, or west, or south, anywhere but where you are. You will be dreaming of tall pine trees, golden bears, gorgeous barrels, and sun-kissed girls who skate better than you. You will want to light up and recall your halcyon days of youth when falling down and falling in love was the whole point. You might stand up at your desk and take a cheap shot at your boss and storm off heading for that forest you used to play in when you were ten before they bulldozed it to make endless tract homes.

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