Council Tool

As a follow-up to my previous post on National Knife Day, I want to introduce you (and myself) to Council Tool. If you’re searching for a high-quality, handmade blade, axe or tool, with a venerable heritage check them out. The reviews are outstanding, particularly for the new Velvicut Hudson Bay axes (hickory shaft, 5160 grade alloy steel, life-time guarantee, excellent price-point). The Hudson Bay could easily become your go-to camp axe.

“It all began with one person…John Pickett Council. In 1886, he founded the business that still bears his family’s name. Since then, hundreds of committed, talented Council employees have followed in his footsteps and carried on his legacy.

Times have changed. Manufacturing methods have changed. And equipment has been modernized. But some things have remained constant. Shortly after founding the company, Mr. Council wrote down a simple set of beliefs he felt were necessary for success. The people who work for Council Tool today still follow these four beliefs.”


1. Manufacture a quality product.

2. Offer value by being an innovative and progressive manufacturer.

3. Be straightforward and honest in your dealings.

4. Be a good corporate citizen.


One thought on “Council Tool

  1. Wyoranchhand

    Council makes a good axe. The regular Hudson Bay is pretty nice for the price too. Under forty bucks some places. I’m waiting to hear back from Council about the steel they use in that axe. Love your blog.

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