Morgans Run

Nice trip to Morgans Run in Maryland today. My bro and I were once again aiming for warmwater species with the remote possibility of a holdover trout. There’s a Special Regulation Trout area on the river, but there were no trout to be seen in the crystal clear water, just panfish.

In fact, there weren’t many game fish at all besides a few juvenile largemouth and the occasional good-sized smallie in the deep pools. My brother was having a bit of an “off day”–you know–when you your knots don’t cinch, your gear fouls up or you lose your snips. And despite repeated casts we couldn’t get him into the pod of smallies we spotted. I, however, was a bit luckier.

Though I probably shouldn’t have cursed at Mother Nature during lunch because a few minutes later the sky opened up and blew out the river for the rest of the day. It went from absolutely perfect visibility to the bottom of the pool to the color of a latte in less than 10 minutes.  After the rain passed we ventured downstream to the outlet of the river chasing carp. I’m pretty sure I saw a musky jump clear out of the water about twenty yards below me. Unfortunately, we were out of time and I certainly didn’t have the gear for that. We’ll be back I think, after the fall stocking to see if things brighten up on this beautiful and remote little river.

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