Catfish On the Fly

I guess the fact that my new office is on the Potomac river is having an effect on me. I walk out for a cup of coffee and I see the river. I glance out the window during a meeting, and I see the river. And on some occasions, I see the big splashes of predators chasing gizzard shad, herring and minnows that skip across the surface. So a couple weeks ago…I finally took the short drive up to Fletcher’s Cove after work and fly fished from about 7pm til sunset.

I took a long walk upstream, maybe half a mile until the trail faded away forcing me to bushwhack to rocky outcroppings. Because the tide was low and the weather hot, I waded to the farthest points where I could cast into the deepest currents with a red and white clouser. I waited upwards of a minute as the fly sunk and then started stripping it back in. I had only one major hit in two hours, but when it came, it was a slammer. It took a moment to determine if it was a snag, but when the rod started to bounce, I got excited. I thought it was a big bluefish or a resident striper. Man was I surprised by the +25″ blue cat ( Ictalurus furcatus) that bent my 8 wt rod over like a twig. My first cat, nice! I lipped him with the boga, removed the fly and sent him back on his way. I’m thinking on my next trip I’ll rent a canoe and head up even further to the falls so I can find some smallies. No offense to the blue catfish, of course.

2 thoughts on “Catfish On the Fly

    1. Hey Jeff, I was fishing from a ledge on the bank toward a deep channel, cast upstream and let sink for over a minute downstream. I then started a small slow strip and immediately got hit. It was on the rising tide.

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