Sportsmen Should Support A Strong Farm Bill

September 30th is my 38th birthday. Its also the day the current Farm Bill expires. Now, there’s a lot of reasons to try and push your local Congressman to vote to get the bill done. I like the fact that the Farm Bill also supports the SNAP program which ensures struggling Americans can feed their families. Sadly, the Senate version of the bill cuts SNAP funding (wow they’re heartless), but that’s not all that’s at stake. The Farm Bill also helps maintain billions in funding for environmental conservation. This ain’t just the hippie in me talking–its my inner businessman who understands our nation’s farmers, ranchers and private landowners also have a stake in protecting the environment for their employees, customers and bottomline.

“In places like the Chesapeake Bay and in Montana and Wyoming, Farm Bill programs help farmers reduce their potential regulatory burden. The Chesapeake Bay watershed initiative incentivizes farmers to reduce their nitrogen runoff to improve the health of the nation’s largest estuary, and the sage grouse initiative in the Inter-Mountain West assists ranchers in keeping this iconic bird off the endangered species list. As these conservation goals are met, farmers, ranchers and landowners can focus on making a living and not on the threat of new or expanding regulations,” according to the TRCP.

Here, if you won’t listen to me…how about Steven Rinella?

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