Stockies and Beer

Sometimes you have to just take it easy. That means going with the flow and being open to opportunity. Such was the case on Friday night. At the tailend of the day I learned the MD DNR started the fall stocking and a nearby stream got its quota of trout. A quick text to my bro and an hour and twenty minutes later we were casting against a setting sun.

OK so what about Saturday then? Enter SNALLYGASTER, a craft brew festival on the Potomac River Yards where over a hundred fresh brews from all over the US would be on tap.


And Sunday, I decided to hit one more stocked stream just to round things out for the weekend. Sneak in a few casts before the Skins vs. Vikings game. I had the stream to myself most of the morning. Though the trout were very spooky, they took green and black buggers on occasion. In my haste I broke the tip of my new 5wt Rise rod. I dunno, I kind of new it was a shoddy rod, I should have considered it as my backup rod instead of my main rod. Oh well, catching rainbows and fall fish on my Orvis Clearwater felt a whole lot better. I even spotted a couple golden trout but refused to cast to those abominations. Just kiddin’, I ain’t precious.

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