Needs More Time


Well I’m getting very good carbonation from the bottle conditioning of the White House Honey Ale my brother and I have been brewing. Good fizz but no lacing yet as with a good pour, and it has a lovely caramel color with a touch of haze. Now, as for the taste. Well when we bottled the beer it was sweet, delicious but flat. Now its very, very dry, bitter, harsh and chemical-ish, but not sour. I’m worried. Its only been about two weeks of bottle-conditioning, but I’m worried there was some contamination during the bottling. I’m not sure what to do think.

The homebrewers forums all say to just be patient and perhaps to wait up to a month or more. It gives time for the yeast to spend, and for the flavor to mellow. Apparently, the bitterness doesn’t increase from conditioning and comes from the BOIL were the alpha acids were isomerized into the ale (in short, absorbed), but that bitterness can recede quickly after a period of conditioning. Oi vey, how can something smell so damn good, look so good, and fall so flat on the taste! I guess I’m going to have to just wait it out…. In the off-chance that the beer just needed to be chilled I’ve got one in the fridge for the next 48 hours and will crack it open this weekend and see if its any better. And again, the forums say if its still no good, wait some more.

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