Gunpowder On My Own Flies

I got out on the Gunpower River on Friday before the real cold weather, wind and snow came in this weekend. It was a balmy 40 degrees but there were at least six or seven other guys on the water. The river was high, at nearly 300 CFS and Backwater Angler suggested using streamers between York and Falls Road. I brought along a few black and green wooly buggers that I tied myself (yep, I’m finally tying my own flies), and with a double streamer rig got into some nice wild brown trout in the riffles. I would cast up stream and across and let the fly swing down and strip back in upstream toward me along the seams.

It was a real pleasure catching trout on flies I tied myself. The trout weren’t large, but then they never seem to be in the GP. In fact, I wonder if there’s any sizeable fish in there at all sometimes. Fish over 13 for 14″ are rarely reported. If any of my MD readers have an idea why leave a comment and share your thoughts. Maybe the big ones are all nocturnal due to the pressure? The Gunpowder Riverkeeper, Theaux M. Le Gardeur,  has a great year end review on the Backwater Angler blog if you’re interested in the activities taken this year to protect the river and its ecology.







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