Grassfed + Honey

Good start to the new year. Finally, the White House Honey Ale is done, after 4 weeks conditioning in the bottle its well-carbonated, sweet and hoppy. Couldn’t be happier with it.

WH Honey Ale

And my beef has arrived. Last year my brother (a budding butcher) got the whole family to pitch in to buy an entire grassfed, pastured steer raised in the Shenandoah Valley. It was hung to age about two weeks ago, butchered two days ago and is now in my the family freezer. A mix of sirloin, tri-tip, filet mignon, ribeye, shoulder, tongue, heart and liver, stew meat and a hamburger mix consisting of strip, flank and brisket goes to seven families, over 60+ lbs each for around $200 per family. Now that my siblings and their families are all within an hour drive of DC, I can see us doing this annually, and perhaps adding a hog to the mix.

Grassfed Beef

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