Fly fishing need not be stodgey.  Case in point, the industry is being supported by a growth of entry-level rods, reels and gear making it more accessible than ever. Orvis has dropped a new online fly fishing school for FREE. The culture is being documented by more young writers and publishers like April Vokey, This Is Fly, and Southern Culture on the Fly. And thanks to the rise of social media, younger fly fishers are in a tizzy to capture their angling adventures on film, slap a kickass track on it and share it out. Now, you don’t have to worry if nobody believes your fish was “this big” cause you can ask to see the footage.

Yukon Goes Fishing, Hooke, and Todd Moen are three examples of self-documenting anglers representing a real range of technical prowess and storytelling. Yukon AKA Ivan Orsic is all about the moneyshot, the epic GoPro DIY filmmaking breathtaking moment of victory. While Todd Moen’s work is about cinematography, beauty, discipline and craft. And my favorite of the three, Hooke, a collective of hipster Quebecois are all about the camraderie, the bon homme, if you will. Despite their differences they all are making the most of their pursuits. All are creating a strong following, and all are breaking the rules and the stereotypes that kept people away from our sport.  In the next three posts I’ll share samples from each of these filmmakers. Let’s see what we shall see, shall we?

and a bonus…ice-fishing with a hot girl.

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