Remember Spring?

Everyday I look out the window for signs. Yesterday sparrows visited my birdfeeder first thing in the morning. And then just at dusk, I spotted an enormous eagle perched on the building opposite–she looked pregnant. And then I heard that last week Punxsutawney Phil  has predicted an early Spring. Sure, if you live on the NE corridor with the impending blizzard this weekend–you just ain’t feeling it. But down here in DC (which really is “the south”), its balmy. A couple weeks ago I posted on my little getaway to the Piedmont and now I’m thinking, what would Rose River Farm look like in all its Spring glory? I’ve become such a fan of what Doug Dear has put together at Rose River Farm that I thought I’d share these two videos of the operation they got going on down in Madison Co, Virginia, just 90 min. drive from Washington, DC.

When’s the first day of Spring again?





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